Monday, April 16, 2012

Stockman's last week

Elder Stockman heading home
Well this might have been one of the busiest weeks of my mission so far and it was fantastic!!! Never really had a chance to relax but that is okay by me!!!!

We teach J and E every day. They are eating everything up like crazy! They just want more and more. The best part is once they learn something they put it into practice. We taught them about Family Home evening and left the "guide for the family" that the church makes and told them to study it. The next day they asked where they could get hymn books so they could sings hymns like it says to do in the family guide. So we told them we would take them to the church book store right by the Temple than realized hey lets take them around the outside of the Temple. THEY LOVED IT. We had such a good time. J was really moved by it. He said he couldn't wait to get his family in there and then get his kids on missions haha. It was a great experience. One I will never forget. They are such an incredible family. I learn a lot from them.

Later that day we went to Presidente Garcia's house and had some pizza. Talked for a bit and then drove the hour back to make it to the Temple for the 8pm Spanish session. Ni has been working hard to get back to the Temple. She was away from the church for a lot of years but she is probably the strongest member in the Branch now and thats no lie. We got into the Chapel and there were like 7 members from the Cunningham branch (where I started my mission) and to my surprise they all recognized me!! The Spanish session was really good and I left the Temple feeling very happy and at peace. No huge experience but it lifted me and gave spiritual fuel that I will need.

We have done so many things this week that i can't go over them all so i'll talk about to best ones. We had dinner at I house on Saturday who is from the Dominican Republic, she made whats called Mongu its mashed platenos and you put eggs sausage and onion sauce and fried cheese on it. It is sooo good Ii had it once when i was in the DR. 

Sunday was a crazy day!! We went by and met some investigators so they could follow us to church. They were the worst behaved kids I have ever witness like no joke the kids from HELL demon children. They didn't sit down once. They ran around everywhere in the church, were just horrible. They even left the church and ran down the street. Played in the baptismal font and I can't tel you some of the other things that they did. I don't really want to give you more detail than that. oh man it was insane!!! All this was going on during Stockmans goodbye party which turned out great. 

We went to teach a lady named C.. She told us she prayed and knows there was an apostasy and that Joseph Smith was called by God. So we set a baptismal date for the 26th of May. It went really well. She is excited for the lesson we will have next week. She understands things very well and is not afraid to pray to get answers. 

We had a Noche de Hogar (family night) at Hermana Z house. N a, I, J and E all came. We put it together to show J and E an example family night. It turned out so well. We did a visual lesson on the Atonement and repentance for the kids and then read about it in the scriptures then we turned it over to have anyone share their testimony if they would like. N and Z both shared very powerful testimonies that touched everyone! After that we played Jenga, but this Jenga is on steroids. We wrote an action you have to do on each block so when you pull it out you have to act it out, like tell a scary story or act like a t-rex or dance its so fun when people get into it and we had a great group to do it with. Oh it was a blast!!

This was such a good week. During the fun of Jenga I got the call from President telling me that I am training and taking over as district leader. So I have a lot of work to do. Don't know who I wil be training, hey maybe it will be the kid that Kim went on a date with. That would be funny huh?

Jared good job at your meet! sorry you didnt make it the nationals, next year though right?

Guppy send me picks of your new room decorations I heard it was cute!!

Love you all,
Love Elder Charlesworth