Monday, October 22, 2012

Short but sweet

Hey, Well this week was pretty fantastic. We were out busy all week. Visiting members of our zone just trying to figure out what questions they have and it was a really good time.

We had a couple really neat experiences this week that I will share.

Basically yesterday there were more people at church than I have ever seen before at our Branch!!! A family we are teaching, couple other investigators and some Less Actives came. We've been working really hard and leaving a blessing with everyone as representatives of Jesus Christ. There is a member who has a husband that was raised in an anti-Mormon church and has been hostile towards the church in the past. For some reason we have been able to get in good with him and he has been very nice to my companion and I. He showed up to church on Sunday with his wife and kids! That is against everything he has been taught his whole life. They literally teach anti-Mormon stuff to kids in Sunday school. He came and sat through the whole thing and then came up to us afterwards and happily chatted with us. I know this is a direct result from the blessing that we left in their home a  couple weeks ago. We asked him to come down and join us in the prayer before we left and to our surprise he did. We blessed him, his family and his home. Well he is now coming to church and being much more open about letting his wife and kids participate. Just a month ago they almost split up just because of the religion conflict. 

A member from our Branch Presidency told us about a problem he was having learning the new system they are using at the warehouse he works in. He said no matter how hard he tried he could not figure it out. His boss was starting to get upset about it cause its been over a month and he could not figure it out. So at the end of the lesson with him we said a prayer and blessed him. He told us on Saturday that it was like a switched turned on he walked into work and just did everything perfect. His boss even told the higher bosses that he is doing really well! He was so thrilled and said that God blesses his children.

We had a few more experienced like this. We are seeing more and more and the Branch keeps getting bigger. We are teaching a couple families and some other people and its just going great!!! 

Looking forward to the BYU game this Saturday. It should be a great time. I just hope they can pull something together this weekend and not muff it up!

Good luck on the hunts! Get a big one everyone!!!

Love Tanner