Monday, October 31, 2011

Last week of the transfer

I got to go to the temple on Friday, I did a spanish session. I Understood almost everything.....almost! It was really nice to go to the temple, we can only go every six months. This week was fun. We went to the temple had a Branch fall party that no one showed up to until 2 hours after it started. But it was still fun. Then yesterday no one came to church not even the Branch President it was so odd, We started 20 minutes late, no one was there until right before it ended i dunno it was different than i'm used to. V and N some less actives that are 18 and 20 moved back to California. Vince was here to earn money to go on a mission they have been members for about 2 years. His bishop called and said that they have a bunch of families in the ward who will pay the monthly fee and to get home so he can get the process started. Gonna miss those guys they went out with us everyday They are like little brothers I guess in a way.
Sorry to hear no one shot anything(well brought anything home, Dad... can't believe you lost ANOTHER Buck what is that number 6 on the rock alone?) I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty upset at you all i wanted some nice pictures of a big ole buck! Did you guys go up to the Rock or where did you go?
 Well we get calls tonight to see who stays and goes, i am probably gonna be thrown out of the city because they are training six new spanish elders and they like to train them in the city.So I will probably get thrown into the country side where i have to actually do spanish study for a whole hour if i wanna learn anything here in the city if I miss a day its okay because I talk it all day most people don't speak English or i don't talk to them in english even if they can speak it.
 I have really liked this area. Lots of work and its a fun area being downtown!
Love and miss you all hope you get lots of candy!!!!
Love Tanner

*note from "the mom" Tanner gets to stay in Chamblee.  He was very surprised but excited.