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Aug 2 2011

ts SOOOOOO HOT here, I literally have never sweated this much, luckily i don't sweat a ton so its not been super horrible compared to other elders here. We went to a wedding on saturday. Hispanic weddings are so crazy and different, wild and fun! I wanted to Dance soooo bad! but couldnt because clearly that would be against the rules. They also dont wear clothes to parties, even the members lose standards for parties haha. latin life... so different.
 We gave alot of blessings this week. alot of stuff happened. this girl visiting a member, she is from utah got bit by her uncles pitbull in the face, it was horrible i saw it.... stuff torn, hanging needed so many stitches. the doctors did a really really good job. she is in active and during the blessing she started to cry the spirit was really strong so i'm hoping that maybe this was a push back to the right direction.
we are supposed to have a baptism this saturday. But i have a feeling it wont happen we have not had a chance to meet with her because her uncle was in the hospital, her cousin is the one who got bit and now her brother needed sudden surgery for his lungs or something. That family has had it rough this month so it might get pushed to the next saturday. we are doing everything we can to help the family and get her baptized this saturday! I will send pictures of the wedding and stuff from out here hopfully this month. Ive only taken like 5 the whole time so I'm sorry. just busy haha.
Jared, Brenen good job on getting hunter safety going. this Fall is gonna be hard for me not going out with ya'll.
 Not a whole ton has been going on other than the regular teaching, knockig, finding, we have got a few new Investigators so thats good. we spent our whole Pday helping a family move, the are old Invest, but want to start taking lessons again. the father said his paretns, sisters, brothers whole family are members. so jokingly I asked "why are you not a member" he said he was a stupid kid but now he looks back and now that he has kids he thinks he needs that change in his life and the gospel to be a good father, the family has had a big change. they just lost thier house to forclosure and needed to move into an apartment. We are going to start teaching them again and if they really are as ready as they we can baptize a family of four, families is what this church needs to grow and especially the spanish branch here, needs families to be strong. We are focusing alot of effort in working with members all of the in active members are recent converts..... there is a problem there. there is no point in baptizing if the branch is not there to take them in and befriend them, so thats where most of our efforts are going is to strenghten the branch. they are headed in the right directon. they have had alot of reorganization and it seems to be doing some good. and we finally got a Branch mission leader!!!!! we have not had one til this week he starts so we will have someone to help us! he is Hermono Brown he is the one from Venezuela? he is the gospel essentials teacher and is ver dedicated to be a good mission leader.
transfers is the 10th so just send any letters and things to the mission home address this week because i dont know if i stay or go. I would love to stay here we just got things going.
Give my live to Aunt Katherine and the Dukes. Love you all
con amor
Elder Charlesworth

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