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Happy Fourth of July

July 5 2011
This week has been interesting! haha i wrote you a letter with my passport i sent home that tells a little about it. We white washed in and the apartment was a wreck the map is on the floor with nothing on it the area book is big but out of date, there is lots of work to do here we are just spending time organizing everything so we can be more effective. fourth of july was fun it was p day so we went to the mall i got a cool braves shirt, i had to its my team and i'll be here a long time haha.
 we went to a cook out for someone who is moving back to Guatemala and had real mex bbq, so in other words like "300" chickens were cooked refried beans with pig skin hot chillis and tamerine drink, all coked on a coal stove.
then we played basketball with someone we are doing service for and trying to let us teach his family he is 18 his name is angel we have been helping his family do major yard work and building trust inviting him to do stuff with us.
it rained so hard! and lighiting struck like a block away and got some people! we were eating outside when it all happened, it basically flooded it was crazy! it rains so hard for like 20 minutes then its like it never even happened! there are probably more trees here than Oregon Sierra Dont get mad!!! but its true! and no mountains! I've not got a chance to go fishing, Even though I'm in Atlanta there are lakes and ponds all over the complex the other spanish missionaries are in up the road from us has a lake so i need to get a pole soon and hit that up!
we have alot of things planned for tonight. the spanish and mission here in Georgia has been struggling, so we have set high goals for this transfer and trying to find new ways to do things because the old ways things were done here in Smyrna were clearly not working, Its been Awesome I;ve been super busy. Nolan Haycock one of my really good friends from spanish fork is the new assistant and picked me up when i got here he gave me a huge hug and it was a really great way to start things out here.
well like i said i sent a little and i'm trying not to repeat myself from that to much love you all!

well the site to write my president is down so i have a little extra time!
how was the lauou i dont know how to spell it haha! hoe is school, or i mean how was school your doen now right? yeah you can send stuff directly to me from the address i sent you in that package, the mission office stuff i wont get until transfers which is 5 weeks away haha
yeah i was trying to think of stuff i'd ask for my bday and the ipod shuffle sounds the best, i dont know how much the new ones are but they are so cool and touch screen and there is a wrist band that you can get that you can turn the shuffle into a watch haha i dunno how much but i just htink they are awesome and small, there are so many cool hmn remastered like to guitar and chill hymns i dinno its way cooll i had no idea! also could you send me a few space bags, i dont have the weight lomits anymore and it would make packing way easier for transfers and what not!! yeah so basically all i can think of is music haha, its so nice to have while drving and studying or eating as long as it is inviting of the spirit of course! do some research find some awesome church music it does not have to be mormon but there are some good mormon ones! i love you all
tell guppy i miss here! and tell everyone else to stop being lazy and help you around the house i know i'm not one to talk but i'll say it anways,
hows dad? not heard anything from him or much about him haha just that he lit off my old fireworks
Love tanner

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