Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Picture time

Aug 10th 2011
This week was Fantastic. We had a Baptism on Saturday. Karina a sister to a member who last week i thought would not be ready to be baptized, I prayed so hard that she would realize the importance of it and take it seriously, well it happened she was baptized saturday and confirmed sunday. She is a fantastic young girl who will do alot of things in this life.
Oh ps I am staying in Smyrna, Elder wood is going somewhere else and I am staying here and very happy about it! The members are now on board we finally have a branch mission leader and he is sooooo on the ball! A lot of good work is about to come forth. We spent this whole transfer building smyrna's base up. there was so foundation in it or no investigator pool to work from, members were not fond of the missionaries, well I am happy we now have them on our side!!  I cant relly remember a whole lot of this past week it went by so fast! Its already been 6 weeks i cant even believe it. I find out tomorrow who my companion will be and will let you know more about it next week! I hope Katherines service went well.
I am sorry this is a short one this week but we spent most the week getting karina ready for baptism, I spoke at the service about baptizm and how it is just the gate or "puerta" and its our job to stay on the "camino" and endure to the end, i read most of it because i needed them to understand my spanish but i think it went pretty well. well for a first time speaking atleast haha.
 So let me tell how the end of last week went for me you all will find this just humerous!
 We do lots of service now, thats why the members are back with us. SO we cleaned out this ladies yard i was going to town with a mechete on a magnolia tree that was super over grown with 3 foot high grass all around it, elder Heimuli had a chain saw and was cutting the bigger ones i got to do the hard work and use a machete, well turns out there was tons of poison Ivy in the tree and the gras i was standing in, elder heimuli got it on his fase from the spray of the chain saw that night it starting coming up all over my legs yeah super fun!! So sunday we went and helped another investigator move as i was carrying a table a bee flew up my sleeve and stung me right on the arm!! I dont know why but they have it out for me, i do nothing and they always attack me! my arm is still swollen and sore haha, super great weekend though baptizm makes it all worth it!!! well I hope you all are doing great I miss you and love you
Love tanner

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